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Manufacturing Engineering Society Prizes


In Article 6 of the MES Statutes is described one of the objectives of MES is give recognition and award outstanding organizations and people in Manufacture Engineering and related fields

The prize beneficiaries are those people or organizations with meaningful contributions in Manufacture Engineering field. The prize shall be awarded in the same way to people, entities and organizations according with relevant data: academic, scientific and research, dissemination, industrial developments or any other activity consequent with the interests of the Society.

Cita del Reglamento de premios de la Sociedad de Ingeniería de Fabricación

Premios SIF 2005

Premios SIF 2008

Premios SIF 2009

Premios SIF 2010

Premios SIF 2011

Premios SIF 2013

Premios SIF 2014

Premios SIF 2015

Premios SIF 2017

Premios SIF 2018

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