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The Leonardo da Vinci-Torres Leza Technology Space has been inaugurated in the Agustín de Betancourt building of the Engineering and Architecture School at the Zaragoza University on March 19th. This exhibition space is born with the mission of serve as a tribute in memoriam the professor emeritus Ph.D. Fernando Torres Leza (1947-2016), first president of our Manufacturing Engineering Society (2004-2007) and Manufacturing Processes professor . Also, to take advantage of its task of scientific and technical dissemination, in particular dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci.
An interactive screen presents ideas, writings, works and other aspects of Leonardo classified according to these categories to provide a “universal” profile of the character. Among his works occupy a very important place the developments as Engineer of mechanical systems. For this reason, Professor Torres projected fourteen functional models of a selection of these systems extracted from the Madrid I Codex, which can also be enjoyed in this exhibition space. The exhibition presents interactive content related to each of the models; including its description by Leonardo, block diagram, animation, possible applications and video of its operation.

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